Control the conversation about YOUR health! Connect with affordable providers, approve the cost before receiving care, and pay less out of your pocket.

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Health Plans
& Payors

Stop worrying about networks and direct contracts! Connect members with affordable cash prices, reduce costs and simplify communication and payments to providers.

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A powerful way to grow your practice with cash pay customers! Connect with the exploding market of creative health plans, build bundled offers in real time, and get paid instantly.

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What We Do

Largest Cash Pay Marketplace

Savvos created the nation's largest marketplace of affordable cash prices for shoppable medical care, including imaging, outpatient surgery, labs, and more.

The exploding demand for affordable cash prices from alternative payors includes health sharing ministries, self-funded employer groups, creative insurance products, self-pay patients, and more.

Simplifying the Healthcare Experience

Savvos Connect redefines the healthcare experience of patients, payors, and providers by connecting all participants in the healthcare decision to create bundled pricing in real time, simplify scheduling, secure payor approval, and guarantee Immediate Cash Payment.

Savvos eliminates the need to develop networks or direct contracts with the alternative payor market by making cash pay pricing the future of mainstream healthcare.

How Savvos Works


Find Affordable Providers

Members search the largest marketplace of affordable cash prices to know the price before scheduling medical care


Connect All Parties

Engage in a single conversation between member, facility, physician, and payor to clarify and schedule the procedure


Finalize Pricing

Finalize pricing, approval, and funding in real time and in advance of the scheduled procedure


Immediate Payment

Provider receives total payment when the procedure is complete, usually within 1 business day

Our Cash Pay Marketplace is
Making Healthcare Affordable for Everyone

Our members, payors, and providers save everyday by using Savvos to connect with affordable medical care. Here are just a few examples:

ACL Repair

Savvos Price: $6,000

Savings: $20,133

74% of Medicare Price

Reference Price: $26,133

Gallbladder Removal

Savvos Price: $4,278

Savings: $49,086

61% of Medicare Price

Reference Price: $53,364

Tonsillectomy & Adenoidectomy

Savvos Price: $2,000

Savings: $19,556

32% of Medicare Price

Reference Price: $21,556

MRI Cervical Spine

Savvos Price: $450

Savings: $9,550

94% of Medicare Price

Reference Price: $10,000

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For Patients

Savvos helps you save money and hassle

It's Time for a Better Healthcare Experience

It used to be difficult to “shop” for medical care, but not anymore! Now you can compare prices and connect with affordable providers in just minutes.

Know the Price Before Receiving Care →

Simplify Scheduling and Communication →

Eliminate Surprise Billing →

Pay Less for Medical Care →

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Payors we work with...

Health Plans and Payors Medical Bills

For Health Plans & Payors

Savvos helps you create a better healthcare experience for your members

Connect members with affordable providers

Savvos makes it easy for your members to find high quality providers that offer affordable cash prices, and pulls you into the conversation when members begin the scheduling process to eliminate confusion and to simplify scheduling and approvals.

Engage members with powerful tools →

Join the conversation earlier →

Improve the member experience →

Competitive premiums or plan fees →

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Savvos Health Pricing - No PEPM Fees!

  • No monthly fees
  • No per user fees
  • Pay when you save
  • Largest Cash Pay Marketplace
  • Concierge Services
  • Providers paid quickly
  • Free for Patients
  • Free for Medical Providers
  • Lower costs & savings for Payors

Pricing is based on a % of procedure transactions

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Health Plans and Payors Medical Bills

For Medical Providers

Savvos helps you expand beyond networks and contracts

Connect with the exploding market of alternative payors

Alternative "health plans" are the fastest growing segment of third party payors in the country and include health share, subscription medicine, self funded employer groups and self pay. Millions of members want more control of their healthcare and want to work with affordable providers.

Share your best prices →

Tap into the millions of members using alternative payors →

Get paid immediately →

Turn every transaction into a simple cash payment →

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Providers we work with...

With Savvos, you have cost savings transparency no surprise billing cash pay pricing member incentives