Connect with the exploding market of alternative payors

Alternative "health plans" are the fastest growing segment of third party payors in the country and include health share programs, creative insurance plans, subscription medicine, self-funded employer groups, and self pay consumers.

This market represents millions of consumers that want more control over their healthcare and are looking for affordable providers.

Improve the conversation with... Everyone

Say hello to our industry leading portal with a "text messaging" feel. Communicate with patients, all participating providers, and health plans in the same conversation to finalize the price, schedule care, and approve payments.

Offer a bundled price
in real time

It’s time to eliminate confusion and surprise bills when delivering healthcare services, and ensure that every provider is paid correctly and immediately.

With Savvos, all participating providers add their individual prices to build a complete bundled price, allowing the health plan and the patient to approve immediate payments to all.

Turn every transaction into an immediate cash payment

Savvos Health collects payment from the health plan and also collects any cost sharing responsibility from the patient. As a result, every transaction feels like a simple cash payment deposited to your bank account as soon as care is delivered.

Get paid faster and eliminate the need to collect from patients or sit on receivables from health plans. Savvos turns third-party payment headaches into immediate cash payments!

With Savvos, you have cash pay market access improved communication bundled pricing cash pay solutions