Create a better experience for your employees

Your company spends a lot of money offering a medical plan for your employees, it makes sense those employees should love the benefits. A common frustration for employees is receiving medical care without knowing the cost beforehand.

With Savvos, your employees join the conversation and have a voice in finalizing the cost of THEIR medical care, eliminating hours of phone calls and surprise bills after care is received.

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Save Costs by engaging Employees

When employees are given access to useful data and pricing information, costs for medical care can be reduced up to 90%. Let your employees become the most powerful tool in your health plan to reduce costs and improve the quality of care.

Lower deductibles & out of pocket costs

Giving your employees incentives to connect with affordable providers is a powerful way to enhance your company's health plan. When your employees help you reduce plan costs you can reward them by reducing deductibles or eliminating cost sharing requirements.

Don't pay more in premiums to lower your health plan deductibles, just pay less in medical costs to accomplish the same thing!

Attract & Retain Great Employees

Affordable healthcare is a top priority for most employees and their families, and plays a major role in employment decisions. Today’s workforce is looking for employers that are engaged in the fight to reduce medical costs and improve healthcare for their employees.

Savvos will help employers provide a health plan that stands out from the competition and makes health benefits feel like a benefit again.

With Savvos, you have better experiences cost savings employee incentives employee retention