Savvos Health connects Patients and Members, Health Plan Payors, and Health Care Providers in South Dakota with the Largest Cash Pay Marketplace

Savvos created the nation's largest marketplace of affordable cash prices for shoppable medical care, including imaging, outpatient surgery, labs, and more.

The exploding demand for affordable cash prices from alternative payors in South Dakota includes health sharing ministries, self-funded employer groups, creative insurance products, self-pay consumers, and more.

Savvos Health simplifies the Healthcare experience in South Dakota

Savvos redefines the healthcare experience of patients, payors, and providers in South Dakota by connecting all participants in the healthcare decision to create bundled pricing in real time, simplify scheduling, secure payor approval, and guarantee immediate payment.

Savvos eliminates the need to develop networks or direct contracts with the alternative payor market by making cash pay pricing the future of mainstream healthcare.